Vapso Phone Sanitizer


“Important message to all viewers about health risks of using Mobile Phones and other Electronic Devices.”

Do You Know?
How Dirty is Your Cell Phone?
Microbiologists have found that Cell Phones carry 10 times more germs and bacteria than Toilets Seats.
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Public concerns about the possible health effects of mobile phone usage receive a lot of attention.

The International Telecommunication Union reported more than 6 billion mobile phone subscriptions are using cell phones regularly. That is 86 out of every 100 people worldwide.

Medical researchers continue to examine many health risks associated with mobile phone use. Research has focused on Germs, Traffic Accidents, Cancer, Electromagnetic Radiation and Health effects such as changes in brain activity and sleep patterns.

There has been much debate surrounding the possible health effects of cell phone use. People can avoid the health hazards by understanding what the risks are and how to avoid them.

With its innovativeness, pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit, the company has launched its first time in the history of Innovative product named VAPSO PHONE SANITIZER in the global market.

Product Features:

  • An Anti-Bacterial Phone Germicide Solution Kit
  • Unique Solution easily removes all Dirty Spots, Sweat Dust & Stubborn Fingerprints
  • Removes harmful germs &bacterias from phone surface and Gives Crystal Shining Surface
  • Top Quality Kit supplied with 1 High quality cloth to clean your phone properly.
  • Included super soft, Lint free, scratch free, reusable microfiber towel cleanly without scratching your sensitive electronics
  • Perfect for TVs, computer monitors, tablets, cell phones, digital cameras, remote control or any similar electronics with a screen
  • Keep clean your phone Screen and Enjoy your work.

Basically if your hands are very dirty, then your phone also tends to be very contaminated with the same type of bacteria. So, people are advised to wash their hands for around 20-30 seconds with anti-bacterial soap and clean water gently and use dry cotton towel for getting your hands clean. Kindly Wash your hands and face at regular interval of time to keep yourself free from germs and bacterial infections.

VAPSO Phone Sanitizer is an anti-bacterial germicide solutions kit. It cleans all Dirty Spots, Sweat, Dust& Fingerprints from the surface of phone effectively and protects the device from harmful germs and bacterial infections. It provides crystal transparent shining surface and spreads attractive perfumed fragrance. It has the property to clean and disinfect all kinds of LCD/LED Screens, Laptop, Desktop, Keyboard, Mouse, Tablet, Remote Control, Camera, Printer, Charger, Pen Drive, Calculator, Music System, Phone Cover, Sun Glass, Watch, ATM Card, Motorbike and Scooty Dashboard, Car Dashboard & Steering, Children Toys, Medical Apparatus, Shopping Cart, Door Handles and other multi-purpose things clearly. VAPSO Phone Sanitizer is a harmless product. No Side effect at all while using it consciously and very easy to carry in travelling.

Directions for Use

1st way: User can just wipe their phone with a soft microfiber towel, which will remove many of germs. For a deeper clean, firstly user should point the nozzle of spray bottle on the middle towards screen surface and spray sufficient quantity of VAPSO Phone Sanitizer Solution from a distance of 2 to 3 inch and wipe the whole screen surface with the finest quality of Microfiber Cleaning Towel slowly and gently.

2nd way: User can spray the solution over microfiber towel firstly, and then mob the electronic device slowly and gently.

Kindly use the solution twice a day to keep your phone protect from dirty spots, sweat, dust & fingerprints. For better results, kindly wash your hands with soap gently before cleaning the screens and devices.

Strongly Recommendation

It is advised that user must cover every open part of phone & other electronic devices like charging jack, speaker, receiver, earphone plug etc. with microfiber towel while spraying the solution otherwise phone may get out of order. Kindly unplug electronic devices before cleaning. Test on hidden areas before use. In case of contact with eyes or swallowed, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advise immediately. Kindly keep out of reach of children. Check user manual before using liquid cleaner on electronics.

Company is not responsible for any damage, cause and its effect.

The Conclusion

Microbiologists recommend wiping down electronic devices with anti-bacterial germicide solution and a clean microfiber cleaning towel at least twice a day. Disinfectant solution made specifically for electronics may help to neutralize more tenacious germs &bacterias such as E. Coli, Haemophilus, Streptococci, Hepatitis A, Stapholococcus, Shigella, Pseudomonas, Streptococcus, clostridium etc.

As for using your electronic devices in the bathroom, just stop.