The Business of Excellence

The Business of Excellence

A key vector that has helped the company grow and establish on the global stage is the strong business excellence movement in the group.

Excellence is a continual quest at the company is supported in their efforts to achieve world-class standards in all aspects of operations through group-level processes and systems that encourage and enable business excellence.


Vapso Innovations India Private Limited uses the Vapso Business Excellence Model (VBEM), which covers business aspects that range from strategy and leadership, to safety and climate change. Adapted from the renowned Malcolm Baldrige model, VBEM encourages continuous improvements through a formal system of benchmarking and assessment.

Vapso Business Excellence Model

Vapso Business Excellence Model (VBEM) matrix has been conceived to deliver strategic direction and drive business improvements at the company. Aimed at enabling Vapso Innovations Group capture the best global business processes and practices, the business excellence assessment model invests Vapso Innovations Group with the inherent dynamism to evolve and keep pace with ever-changing business performance parameters.

The main objectives of the Vapso business excellence model assessment methodology is to enhance value for all stakeholders and contribute to marketplace success, maximize enterprise-wide effectiveness and capabilities, and deliver organizational and personal learning.

The VBEM matrix is used for the organizational self-assessment of Vapso Innovations India Private Limited, recognition and awards, and for providing feedback to applicants.

In addition, VBEM plays three important supportive roles in strengthening the competitiveness of Vapso Innovations Group.

They are:

Improve Business Excellence Practices, Capabilities and Results

Facilitates communication with a common language of excellence and sharing of best practices among Vapso Innovations Group.

Serves as a working tool for understanding and managing performance, for providing planning guidance, and for identifying learning opportunities.

VBEM’s core values and concepts are embodied in the following seven categories:

  • Leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Customer focus
  • Measurement, analysis and knowledge management
  • Workforce focus
  • Operations focus
  • Business results


The VBEM initiative falls under the aegis of Vapso Business Excellence Group (VBExG), an in-house organization mandated to help different Vapso Innovations Group achieve their business excellence and improvement goals.

Vapso Business Excellence Group

Vapso Business Excellence Group (VBExG), a division of Vapso Innovations Group, is entrusted with the mandate to set standards of excellence and partner closely with group companies to help them achieve their business excellence and improvement goals. The company's vision is to 'To enable company to achieve industry leadership by 2030,' and its mission is 'To enable company to enhance performance and create long-term stakeholder value.'

Areas of business

VBExG collaborates with Vapso Innovation Group through long- and short-term initiatives in the following key areas:

VBEM assessment

The Vapso Business Excellence Model (VBEM) assessment criteria, which is based on the Malcolm Baldrige framework, is at the heart of the VBEM assessments of the company. The assessment process uses the expertise within the company, trained for carrying out such diagnostics, to get a report on the health of a company. During assessment, all systems and processes of the company is thoroughly checked vis-a-vis the VBEM. The objective of the exercise is to ascertain the areas of strength and identify the fields where opportunities for improvement remain unaddressed.

Business excellence capability building

The capability-building programmes offered by VBExG are geared towards preparing business leaders to achieve performance excellence. Assessor capabilities and practitioner capabilities are two significant areas in which capability-building programmes are offered. In addition, VBExG also conducts SME programmes or customised workshops for the company in the areas of safety, customer centricity, operations excellence, HR and strategy deployment.

Deep dives

VBExG's deep dive offering helps Vapso Innovations Group to improve and enhance performance through a detailed diagnostic investigation of their operations. The deep dive process focuses on specific areas that are important to the company’s business and examines them in greater detail. The theme for the deep dive is chosen based on the VBEM assessment feedback, the inputs from the company boards during the VBEM process or the company’s own introspection from its leadership and strategy sessions. Subject matter experts are assembled from within company as well as from external sources to form the deep dive team. Deep dives are conducted in the following key areas:

  • Customer centricity
  • Operations excellence
  • Strategy deployment
  • Safety
  • HR
Best practices

The best practices initiative aims to enable the cross-pollination of best practices that exist within as well as outside the company. The best practices initiative is a multi-dimensional initiative that comprises several components and layers, which are:

  • Identification and documentation of best practices across the company
  • Prioritization and categorization based on group-level focus areas

Ensuring wide and convenient accessibility to all employees through a digital platform called “SRIJAN". The“SRIJAN”best practices initiative is driven through various means, including the “SRIJAN” portal, “SRIJAN” webinars, learning missions, comparative reports and benchmarking studies, and partnerships with external organizations like ASQ and APQC.

Intensive ‘face-to-face’ sessions that are theme-based or focused on a single company through learning missions, webinars and workshops.

Setting up access to established subject matter experts in a range of fields

Enabling people to create communities of interest for sharing and engaging with colleagues in similar fields


The Vaspo Business Excellence Convention is a forum that brings together the champions of excellence in the company from all over the world. Global experts speak on challenges and opportunities.